Responsible Care

ESAD - European Single Assessment for Chemical Distributors

The ESAD programme helps to successfully implement and evaluate Responsible Care Principles in a chemical distribution company.

In 1999, Hedinger was the first European chemical distribution company to undergo the ESAD assessment. In April 2008, Hedinger was audited against ESAD in Stuttgart and Teutschenthal, by a third-party assessor from Swiss TS. All parts of ESAD, except those dealing with chlorinated solvents, formed the basis of this assessment. We are proud to have achieved greater than 90% compliance with the requirements of ESAD at both locations. Further, this confirms, that Hedinger honours the principles of Responsible Care at an extremely high level. This is evidence for our high standards in safety, environmental protection and health protection, while working with chemical products throughout all areas of Hedinger.

ESAD is a standardized voluntary assessment system, which measures the HSE standards¹ of chemical distribution companies. However, ESAD should also be used by distributors, to check their compliance with the requirements of the Responsible Care programme.

ESAD has been developed by a joint group of experts (CEFIC and FECC and is used by independent assessor to inspect chemical distribution companies. It is intended that re-assessments are carried out every three years. The assessors have been trained in a joint course run by CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council) and FECC (European Association of Chemical Distributors) and have passed a qualifying examination. ESAD is part of the SQAS-Program²: objectivity, neutrality, transparency and free access to the system, for the users in the chemical industry.

ESAD is structured as follows:

I. Assessment Guidelines
Guidelines for interpreting and evaluating the following questionnaire.

II. Questionnaire
The questionnaire for assessing the relevant processes and operations in a company is divided into three parts as follows:

¹HSE: Health, Safety, Environment
²SQAS: Safety and Quality Assessment Systems